19 December 2017

Health Survey for England, 2016

Health Survey for England, 2016

The latest statistics for adult physical activity levels in England have been released in the Health Survey for England (HSE), revealing that physical activity levels have remained stable since they were last measured in 2012.

Sixty six percent of men over the age of 19 (the same as 2012) and 58% of women meet the physical activity guidelines (compared to 56% in 2012). These figures vary by level of deprivation, ranging from 50% of people meeting physical activity guidelines in the most deprived groups to 68% of people meeting guidelines in the least deprived groups.

When assessing the proportion of adults who meet both the aerobic physical activity guidelines and the strength physical activity guidelines, only 26% of adults meet both.

The survey covers core topics every year and the 2016 survey included additional questions for adults on physical activity, In total 8,011 adults (aged 16 and over) and 2,056 children (aged 0-15) were interviewed and 5,049 adults and 1,127 children had a nurse visit.

Key findings

  • Men spend on average 4.8 hours per weekday and 5.3 hours per weekend day sedentary when they are not at their paid work. For females this is 4.6 hours for weekdays and 4.9 hours on weekend days.
  • 26% of men and 27% of women aged 16 and over were obese in England, with an additional 40% of men and 30% of women overweight.

The HSE monitors trends in the nation’s health and health-related behaviours. HSE provides information about adults aged 16 and over, and children aged 0 to 15, living in private households in England.

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