28 September 2017

Practical ideas for physically active play

68246 Early Movers Cover-1.jpg

This 100 page book is full of ideas for bringing physical activity to life within childcare settings. With a wealth of game and activity ideas for children aged 0-5, this book provides suggestions on how to incorporate active learning into more traditionally sedentary activities such as storytime, as well as providing energetic game suggestions for activities that will aid physical development through improving balance and co-ordination.

This book is intended for nursery staff or childminders but can be enjoyed by anyone involved with the care of under fives from parents to sports coaches.

To give you an idea of what the book contains please download the sample content.

Practical ideas for physically active play can be purchased for £15 from the Loughborough University online store.

This book forms a part of our Early Movers pack. The other sections of the pack are not available in hard copy form but can be downloaded using the links below: