17 July 2012

Interpreting the UK physical activity guidelines for frailer older adults

Older adults (frailer) interpreting guidelines.jpg

Designed to support practitioners working with Frailer, older adults to meet the CMO physical activity guidelines, this booklet provides an overview of key research findings in this area as well as activities appropriate for this age group.

Frailer older adults are those who are identified as being frail or have very low physical or cognitive function, perhaps as a result of chronic disease such as arthritis, dementia or advanced old age itself.

Research suggests this group may require a therapeutic approach, eg, falls prevention programmes. Many frailer older adults will be in residential care so the importance of interventions which are suitable for residential settings is considered.

The older adults guideline interpreting series also includes booklets on active older adults and older adults in transition.

Download: Interpreting the physical activity guidelines for frailer older people