Older Adults Latest News
Older Adults Latest News

Older Adults Latest News

  • 12 December 2017
  • UK Physical Activity Guidelines update
  • Over the next year the current UK Physical Activity Guidelines will be updated based on the latest evidence and you can get involved in the process
  • 17 October 2017
  • Active Lives Survey
  • Sport and physical activity patterns across adults in England remain consistent, according to figures from the latest Active Lives Survey
  • 10 October 2017
  • Scottish Health Survey, 2016
  • Children’s physical activity levels rise in Scotland according to the latest statistics from the Scottish Health Survey
  • 30 August 2017
  • Middle-aged people encouraged to walk
  • Public Health England's new physical activity campaign encouraging adults to build 10 minutes of brisk walking into their day to improve their health
  • 21 August 2017
  • Improving streets to promote walking
  • New paper looking at how improvements to the environment can help to promoted walking for transport, particularly in deprived areas

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