10 October 2017

Scottish Health Survey, 2016

Scottish Health Survey, 2016

Children’s physical activity levels rise in Scotland according to the latest statistics from the Scottish Health Survey.

The latest figures show that 76% of children (aged 0-15 years) meet the physical activity guidelines of one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. This is a 5% increase from 71% since 2008. Adults physical activity levels have remained stable since 2012 at 64% of adults meeting the physical activity guidelines.

Another key finding is the improvement in adults’ diet, with Scottish adults consuming fewer biscuits, non-diet soft drinks and more oily fish.

The findings in this report are from 4,323 adults (aged 16 and over) and 1,561 children (0-15 years) living in private households in Scotland.

Key physical activity findings:

  • 64% of adults met the physical activity guidelines for moderate or vigorous physical activity in 2016, a similar level to years since 2012.
  • Younger age groups are more likely than older age groups to meet physical activity guidelines.
  • A higher proportion of men (69%) meet the physical activity guidelines compared to women (59%).
  • 76% of children met the guidelines on physical activity - a 5% increase since 2008.
  • Despite the increase, girls were still significantly less active than boys (79% of boys and 72% of girls met physical activity guidelines)
  • Younger children (5-7 year olds) were more likely to meet the activity guidelines compared to older children (aged 13-15).

The Scottish Health Survey is commissioned by the Scottish Government to provide reliable information on the health, and factors related to health of people living in Scotland. The topics of the latest report are mental health, general health and caring, alcohol consumption, smoking, diet, physical activity, obesity, multiple risk, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

DOWNLOAD: The Scottish Health Survey, 2016 edition