30 August 2017

Middle-aged people encouraged to walk

Middle-aged people encouraged to walk

Brisk walking is the easiest and most acceptable form of walking to incorporate into daily life, however, 41.3% of adults aged 40-60 have not walked briskly for at least ten minutes within the last month. Walking above 3mph is likely to be seen as achievable for the one in four adults in England classified as inactive.

A new rapid review of the evidence by Public Health England summarises the potential benefits of 10 minutes blocks of walking which include increased fitness, improved performance of everyday activities, improvements in mood, increased quality of life, increased leanness and reduced risk of early death by 15%. It also found that walking levels have declined by 15 miles per person per year between 1995/97 and 2015.

Walking may be particularly accessible and acceptable for people in this cohort in particular need of increasing their activity levels including those who are inactive, those who don’t meet the recommendations and those of a low socioeconomic status.

Public Health England’s One You Campaign is targeting adults aged 40-60 years to ensure their walking is at a brisk pace, increase the regularity of their walking and support those who are not walking regularly to develop the habit. A new app Active 10 shows users how much brisk walking a person is doing per day, sets goals and monitors progress by combining walking intensity and time.

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