11 August 2017

WHO global physical activity action plan

WHO global physical activity action plan

The World Health Organization has published draft zero of its global action plan on physical activity 2018-2030 to get 100 million people more active by 2030.

The action plan introduces a vision of a world where all countries provide the enabling environments and opportunities for all citizens to be physically active and through this enhance the social, cultural, economic development and wellbeing of nations.

Four strategic objectives are outlined which set out clear actions for Member States, international, regional and national level partners and the WHO secretariat.

The strategic objectives:

1. Creating an active society: to create societies with positive attitudes and values towards everyone being active, according to ability and across the life course, through increasing community-wide knowledge, understanding and literacy among public and professionals on the benefits of physical activity and the many pathways to being active through cycling, walking, active recreation, sport, dance and play.

2. Creating active environments: to create environments that promote and safeguard the rights of people of all ages and abilities to have equitable access to safe places and spaces in their cities and communities to be physically active.

3. Creating active lives: to increase provision and access to opportunities and programmes that support people of all ages, abilities and diverse identities in multiple settings to be physically active in their community.

4. Creating active systems: to deliver the leadership and systems that provide the necessary governance, coordination and joint action at national and sub-national levels; the data systems for surveillance, monitoring and accountability; the research and development to build capacity, and leadership to mobilise resources and implement actions to increase participants in activity.

This draft will be discussed by Member States throughout August and September ahead of the production of a final draft action plan in January 2018.

DOWNLOAD: Draft WHO Global action plan on physical activity 2018-2030