30 April 2013

Get Britain Cycling report released

Get Britain Cycling report released

This Get Britain Cycling report has been published as one of the outputs from the Get Britain Cycling enquiry. This enquiry was an initiative of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, a cross-party body with the aim of enabling more people across the UK to take up cycling, cycle more often and cycle more safely.

The report highlights that although passion for cycling is growing rapidly in Britain it is still lower than many other countries. Currently less than 2% of journeys in Britain are made by bike, compared to 27% in The Netherlands.

The report recommends a number of measures to increase cycling uptake, some of which are highlighted below.

A new priority for investing public funds

  • Ensure local and national bodies allocate funds to cycling.

Redesigning our roads, streets and communities

  • A statutory requirement that cyclists’ and pedestrians’ needs are considered at an early stage of all new development schemes.
  • Revise existing design guidance to include more secure cycle parking.

Safe driving and safe speed limits

  • Extend 20 mph speed limits in towns and consider 40 mph limits on many rural lanes.
  • Improve HGV safety by vehicle design, driver training and awareness of cyclists.

Training and education

  • Provide cycle training at all primary and secondary schools.
  • Promote cycling as a safe and normal activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Political leadership

  • The Government should appoint a national Cycling Champion, an expert from outside of the Department for Transport.
  • The Government should set national targets to increase cycle use.

Download: Get Britain Cycling – Full report

Download: Get Britain Cycling – Summary and recommendations