12 November 2012

Welsh Government brings in play legislation

Welsh Government brings in play legislation

The Welsh Government is placing a duty on local authorities to assess the sufficiency of play and recreational opportunities for children in their areas.

The regulations and statutory guidance for play ‘sufficiency assessments’ came into effect in November 2012. It sets out criteria for assessing play opportunities in each local authority area including audits of open spaces, play and recreation provision, traffic, transport and community initiatives.

The legislation aims to:

  • create a play friendly environment for children
  • benefit children through health and wellbeing and education agendas
  • develop an accurate picture of play opportunities for children throughout Wales
  • enhance the health of children through increased physical, personal and social skills and creativity
  • create environments that are safe and attractive for all.

The assessments will be used to develop local authority action plans to improve play opportunities for all children across Wales. The deadline for the completion of assessments is 1 March 2013.

Download: The Play Sufficiency Assessment Regulations 2012