26 October 2012

Game of Life report – why sport is good for you

Game of Life report – why sport is good for you

The Game of Life report brings together the evidence to support the positive relationship between sport and recreation and health. It is published by the Sport and Recreation Alliance who is the independent umbrella body for the national governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation.

The Game of Life research contains chapters on physical health, mental health, education and employment, antisocial behaviour and crime and social cohesion.

This report outlines the evidence that exists showing how more physical activity can have beneficial effects on society. These include:

  • burning 2000 kcal per week reduces coronary mortality by between a quarter and a third
  • for every 500 kcal of extra energy spent per week your likelihood of type 2 diabetes is 6% less
  • exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants for those with mild clinical depression
  • elderly people with low physical activity levels have more than twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s
  • seven out of ten teenagers believe antisocial behaviour occurs because they are bored and while each young offender costs the country £47,000 per year, targeted sport projects can cut reoffending rates dramatically.

Download: Game of Life how sport and recreation can help make us healthier, happier and richer