06 May 2014

Early years slides - physical activity levels and factors


These PowerPoint slides are designed for use by early years professionals to help share information on physical activity in this age group with peers, parents/carers, commissioners and other agencies. They can be tailored and used as the basis for a presentation or adapted to include local information. The slides can be mixed and matched to include just the information that you need.

Evidence is provided on the key factors that can influence physical activity participation in the early years. Information on the demographic, social/cultural and environmental factors that can affect physical activity levels is included, as well as the latest data on physical activity and sedentary levels in the early years.

A full reference list can be found on the final slide.

This slide set focuses specifically on physical activity levels and factors that influence them. Additional slides focusing on different aspects of physical activity in the early years are also available.

Download: Early years slides - physical activity levels and factors