Best Start in Life - Why is it important to you?

Best Start in Life - Why is it important to you?

The Best Start in Life manifesto calls on policy makers to embed early years physical activity into all policies to ensure that all children under five have access to high quality physical activity opportunities from birth. 


Don't take our word for it. The Best Start in Life has gained significant support from the early years and physical activity sector. Use the navigation on the left to read blogs by experts explaining why they physical activity is vital for the under-fives and they asks in the the manifesto which they believe are vitally important.


The manifesto has four key asks: 


Awareness: Comprehensive awareness raising, to ensure health and education professionals and families are aware of, and act upon, the Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines for the early years (2011).





Education: Greater emphasis on the importance of physical activity across the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, alongside clear guidance and training for early years practitioners on how to promote and develop children’s physical activity.




Environment: All children in the early years should have safe, stimulating and accessible physical activity and active travel opportunities in their community.




Health: Health professionals should track the physical activity levels of children in the early years alongside other health behaviours. These results should be shared with parents whilst supporting them to take positive action to increase physical activity levels among their children.